ASSP … Spam …I kill you!

12 04 2009

A lot of companies and IT professionals spent a their money on propietary SPAM systems, most of commercial Spam systems are Spamassassin (a well known antispam GPL software) based, in this way they are as efficient as a well configured Spamassassin System.

In the Spring of 2008 I decided to migrate the classic antispam system, a typical setup of AmaVIS+Spamassassin, to the ASSP (Anti Spam SMTP Proxy). The functions are the same as the old system, but the simplicity of this software is one of the reasons that I consider to install ASSP .

Open Source, of course, is the other reason. I am an Open Source fan, in opposite to one of my workmates (he thinks that Open Source is Evil, lol!…he’s a low cost developper, haha), I am using this kind of software for a log time in production scenarios,….postfix (the well known fast and stable Mail Server), the Fedora Linux distributions, Webmin (Simple, but USEFUL and a gift for an stressed sysadmin). And the Microsoft certified is me and no my workmate … OMG!…..

The installation of ASSP is very simple, a .zip file …. after decompressing the file, the software is installed,….run the perl scritp “perl” file located on the assp folder…..and voilà! you only have to set up the system via web interface.

After the installation we have to feed the informacion to the Spam System, in order to place the system in front of your SMTP WAN port,… other systems you will need to collect som SPAM and HAM messages to start the spamdb database.

I will talk furthermore about this excellent security software